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i feel like i can’t go anywhere anymore without people soothsaying my downfall. even the cashier at taco bell was all “the flock of crows taken to following you portend a disastrous and blah blah fucking blah,” i get it, i’m about to undergo a storm of tribulation, what frickin ever 

I’m going into law enforcement so I may not have to deal with customer-type people *too* much, but who knows what they’ll give me for internship and work-service…

You’ll be getting calls from retail stores to pick up the worst of the worst customers lol. But oh man, I wish you luck with that! Law enforcement is rough as well.

customers are terrible. but not as bad as having to deal with money, i’m just really rubbish at doing change quickly. i’m a terrible retail person, hats off to everyone who can subtract quickly *blush

Haha, I’m well trained with dealing with money and customers by this point. But man oh man retail is just awful.

I pray that any future jobs I get will not involve customer service.

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great, awesome customers out there! (I’ve had customers buy me food before! And one who went off on a rude customer in my defense!) But the bad ones just stick out so much, haha.

Like, I don’t even wear anything resembling the stores I stock cards in uniforms. I wear jeans and a t-shirt (usually the one that has my company’s logo and slogan on it) and I stiLL get asked where things are in the stores I work in. Most people apologize as soon as they realize I’m a vendor, but some customers.

For example: I was helping out a revision once at a store that I knew nothing about. This old guy comes up & asks where something is. I tell him my usual line of, “Oh, I’m sorry, but I don’t work here. I’m just a greeting card vendor.” He just huffed at me and was like, “Oh, so you don’t know anything, do you?”


Oh yeah, fun thing that happened today

  • So I went into the dollar store I stock cards in and the cashier had a line going out to the aisle. The manager was in the office on the phone, so she couldn't help the cashier out yet. i walk over tot he clipboard where vendors have to sign in. Customer approaches me.
  • Customer: EXCUSE ME.
  • Me: ...Yes...?
  • Customer: Don't you think you should open a register?
  • Me: Um-
  • Customer: Don't you see the line?
  • Me: Sir-
  • Customer: Well?!
  • Me: I don't work here. *points at name badge that very clearly states I work for the card company and not the store* I'm just a vendor.
  • Customer: *turns to the cashier*
  • Cashier: Yeah, she doesn't work here.
  • Customer: *glares at us both and stomps back to the end of the line*



Can I still be in the skeleton war if I’m cremated?

Yes. you can be the ash on the wind that blinds our enemines and screws up their joints. There are many positions for ash soldiers

Five baby capybaras born at Zoo Berlin

Five baby capybaras born at Zoo Berlin


My words of wisdom if you ever have OTP feels


My words of wisdom if you ever have OTP feels

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